Slender: The Eight Pages download torrent


Slender: The Eight Pages

Slender’s first game of horror, in which only the only goal is just a few manuscripts about Slender Man, a paranormal creature. A previous game called Slenderman is based on a similar topic, but it was not so scary or successful.

How to play (function () {(‘reviev-app-page-desktop’);});The slender legend began to be quite simple as noise and is also populated as Internet meme. The story is that Slender Man is a legendary creature often portrayed as a solid figure, a small shirta black suit and a blank face. According to the legend, Slenderman can extend or shorten his armsat will and have similar connections to the tent on the back. A sewage man can cause loss of memory, insomnia, paranoia, seamans (names “slendickness”), photographic and video gestures, and can be teleported at will.

nThe basic premise of the game will be more direct to get in touchwith Slender Man, the party is happening faster. So, you have to take care not to look at the enemy for too long to remember your battery-powered limited battery, so you have to turn it from time to time to save it. Also, the more you shake, the bottom brings top endurance,so you only need to shake when needed. Is it terrible? Slender is good at creating an atmosphere that is pretty embarrassing for a very basic game. You feel like you, your torch and your cricket sounding through the woods and looking for manuscripts. However, the general goal of collecting 8 pages is manuscriptprettilimited and so the gameplay is a bit limited. Control games are simple:

Mouse – look around

V, A, S D – Move

Left Shift – Sprint

Click on the left mouse button – remove the pages up

Right-click on the Lamp

K E – Zoom / out

Technical questions You need VinZip or VinRAR yesYou would unload the download from this slim game. If Slender was originally released, there was a series of spinoffs with varying degrees of quality. We can not test them on Softonic’s staff to see which is the hardest, so do not forget to look at how they are Imalion: Conclusion Slenderis a horrible wild game worth the try whether you’ve ever heard of Slender Avai or not. The subtitle for the game (“Eight pages”) was added to be different from future versions.

Better top menu and additional music. Also includes links to Slender Man and IouTube info series.

Various sources have been addedbrightness (unlock the following games once).

Extra shadows (not particularly prominent, except in bright areas).

Your jogging speed is now increasing steadily.

Remove the pad to restore endurance after jogging / spraying and reduce the draining rate of the stamina. DNS Jumper download torrent

Starting jogging / spraying, however, it drops to 5% of your endurance. This will allow you to jog or

sprinkles for a much longer period, but it does repetitive bands of button / sprint causing your endurance

to quickly drain (effectively remove old exploitation).

the biggestYou can add discounts to the distance while collecting multiple pages; Here’s the challenge challengingly

for people who have fog. For the same reason, Shadow Distance can no longer be turned.

The menu option is added to automatically skip the presentation. Sony Vegas Pro Download Torrent

He added a departure function, but only if he does notstatic (which prevents you from stopping the game, if it is not static

it is appropriate to see the Slender Man).

Set a mistake in which the lamp would attempt to light up the page on the other side of the wall.

One of the hidden methods was removed (it was only a matter of time, because it contains copyright material).Changes Added a subtitle for the game (“Eight pages”) that will differ from future versions.

Better top menu and additional music. Also includes links to Slender Man and IouTube info series.

Different light sources are added (unlocked when the game was once beaten).

Shadovsektra(not specifically highlighted except in illuminated areas).

Your jogging speed is constantly increasing as multiple pages are collected.

Remove the staminaader pad after jogging / spraying, reduce the drainage durability rate. When

Starting jogging / spraying, however, it drops to 5% of yourendurance. This will allow you to jog or

Shake for a long time, but it does repetitive bands with jog / sprint buttons that cause your endurance

Very fast (effective removal of old exploitation).

The maximum distance you can see reduces while collecting multiple pages; HereThe challenge is similar

for people who have fog. For the same reason, Shadow Distance can not turn around.

The menu option is added to automatically skip the presentation.

He added a departure function, but only if it is not static (which prevents you from stopping the game, unless it’s static

likeresponse to seeing Slender’s man).

InductionA bug where the lamp would attempt to light the page from the other side of the wall.

One of the hidden methods was removed (it was only a matter of time since it contained copyright protection material).


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Internet Download Manager IDM 6 x86-x64 download free torrent


Internet Download Manager IDM 6

To download this torrent client does not see the following link:


Important: VirusTotal for preview scanning;

64bit biuld dragon

# / Pictures / a7551b209c18c504ea9d8caa89bea2e0b9415911b850676714bc752a073302f5 / detection

32bit biuld dragon

# / Pictures / 0b8ff270be131cdd2c3caaddb57bee71b8fe69dce8bdca31ca1a6bb2de98f241 / detection




InternetDownload Manager(IDM) – a tool to increase download speeds up to 5 times, which by design capability. The recovery of the wrath of an error can be interrupted by the occurrence or a comprehensive consideration of the loss of their repentance in the opinion of downloads restart on the term, network problems,computer shutdownfortudo my troubles and sins are committed. A simple graphical user interface makes IDM easy to use and easily Download Manager: The system is an accelerator that has an intelligent dynamic file smart boot booting multi-technology safe and justodownload befast. Unlike other file accelerators, Internet Download Manager Segments downloaded the Layer Layer Process Luggage and on the other hand, without the additional use of guests at dinamicheskivo, and joined the sign up to ensure compliance with the suitability,to achieve acceleration due to gravity, according to locaoptimus.

Internet planning layer proxy server, FTP and HTTP protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookie information, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG-video processing. IDM seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera,Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Electra, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular automaticheskiobrabatyvayte your downloads browser. You can also drag and drop the file, and make use of the Internet, command line or layer across the country. Planning an Internet layer can be dialed inyour modem for a specified time, download the files you want, then it’s football or InsereturCum close to.

Other features include multilingual support: in zip preview, download categories, for profiles, out in the deep in any case support for HTTPS, process bottom, HTML helpand manual, enhanced by the man of fame and magnitude, When praesidiumloading advanced zagruzkus quotas (useful for links that use some kind of fair-use policy or FAP, such as Direcway Direct Computer, Hughes, etc.), Built in Download Accelerator, and many others.

Version adds compatibilitywith Windows 10, it adds a loadingIDM tape to a web player can be used to download flash videos from sites like MySpaceTV, and others. It also includes full support for Windows (Windows 8, Vista, and Windows 7) capture video video streaming Scheduler and MMS support. The new version tooso adiungitXI uluchshennyeintegratsiya for browsers IE IE, redesigned in the process of integration of advanced mechanism, and in all the glory and magnitude, and its behavior, download the latest browser, toolbar and new features and improvements added to the military for the better than others.

24How to Build a New Version

(Release Date: December 28, MMXVIg)

fixed bugs

How to install it on: (Note: do not strictly comply with the institution’s error leader)

1. Place courses IDM;

Note: No job / IDM last startup.

2. Run Dragon 32bit construction;If you are using a 32-bit operating systemusystem


64 essential things in patches; For, if it is not used by 64-bit systems for work

3. Finish. To use the easy-to-install IDM

In order to eliminate stress, take a look. A text file added through this valley,please.

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Gang Beasts Download Torrent


Gang Beasts

Furious fighting fun, Gang Beasts is a physically focused fighter boss that will make you laugh with your friends.

The starting point is simple, defeat your opponent and throw it away by throwing them at what environmental hazard it may be. Where the inspired genius is hidden, you find yourself in the physics controls, which you only pass so accurately to cross the line between frustration and hilarity. http://adoptanewwayofthinking.com/ccleaner-download-torrent/

GangBeasts are great to play.

. Psiphon osito Download Torrent .

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Wondershare Dr Fone Windows XP/7/8 Portable download torrent


Wondershare Dr Fone

Vondershare Dr. Fone is a program that helps you recover all lost data from iOS. This tool works with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Restore all types of data

The Dondershare Dr Phones application allows you to recover deleted messages, contacts, images, videos, reminders, Safari bookmarks, contacts, photo streams, VhatsApp history, voice mail, etc. With your iOS devices. It does not matter if the data files are deleted accidentally or that it is releasedThe software update to the dangers of its system includes all Dr. phones. In addition to recovering data from all iOS devices, the program data of all iOS devices can restore iTunes backup. Desktop software is designed to work on different versions of Mac and Windows. The software supports all versions of iOS. In the wild, a new version of iOS was released and this recovery program was not updated, and it will be updated soon.

Connectionof software

To run the iOS recovery device, Dr. Fone must have Vondershare Run on your computer The iOS device must connect via USB.
Fortnite Battle Royale Windows 7/8 portable Download Torrent
The device must be in the device firmware update (DFU) mode to ensure that the operating system is not loaded during the process. At the same time, you can enter DFU mode on your device by pressing a few buttons. The software will also help you in this regard. In fact, the software has a countdown clock on the screenof your computer, indicating what a button should be printed.


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Google Photos Desktop Uploader Portable torrent


Google Photos Desktop Uploader

Google Photos are a Google Photo Gallery. It lets you take your cloud photos, use effects and organize your art gallery directly – like magic.

Scientific research

Google Photos use your original Google+ app for filling up photos. It was interesting not to feature, but this update is a jumping quality.

This gallery includes all images and videos allocated to design, including images stored in Google Cloud.

Google Photos are recognized inother art galleries and photo programs. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20 Portable Torrent He can automatically upload your photos, and customize them according to the time you took when you took them and watched them. The search engine utilizes the latest image recognition technology so that you can use it as a “table,” “food,” or “dog” in order to get the most inferior results.

From Creative Creative, Google Photos also lets you edit your photos.
Adobe Photoshop Portable CS6
Mode mode is not the most powerful feature because it offers few filters or converter options.

PhotosGoogle’s can also create animated GIFs from screenshots, shelters and stories.

mix fresh

Google Photos are a great way to upload your photos. Even if you do not organize your media, it will help you find what you are looking for in seconds.

Google Photos app links photos from your device, Google Drive, and Albamuna Picasa. It’s easy to feel surprised at this for the first time since you’re hit by a photo shot in any area. It may also be unclear where the image is presented.It may be important to know if you are infecting a huge cloud and not connecting to Wi-Fi, you can easily disable the data.

To eliminate natural disorders, Google Gallery looks good and easy, thanks to philosophy “philosophical”.

Gallery of the future

Google Photos are another argument with Google to connect more with cloud. Multiple text messages Messages and messages do not store data on your device, and Google now wants to make the same movements with your pictures.

Google images build a bridge between the phoneyours and cloud. And thanks to her good actress, she feels a bit farther.

However, every problem with any future technology that may be extremely high for non-technophiles, even serve them to disturb other users if they violate their mobile data. This may result in many people who do not accept Google Photos until they get their pictures out.


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Adobe Photoshop CS6 download free torrent


Adobe Photoshop CS6

Windows System Requirements

Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor

Microsoft Windows XP * with Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1

1 GB or RAM

Of which 1 GB is free from the hard disk to be installed; Additional space required during installation (it can not be installed on removable flash storage devices)

1024×768 (1280×800 recommended) screen with 16-bit and 512 MB VRAM

Suitable OpenGL system

DVD-ROM drive

This software does not work without engagement. Broadband internetconnect to software implementation, login verification and access to online services. Phone activation is not available.

* 3D features and some GPU features are not supported in Windows XP.

Changes in the version:

* The Adobe Photoshop update contains many critical reasons that improve safety, stability, and performance in addressing a number of high-priority 3D, Crop, Type, Painting, Roads and

Languages: Danish, Deutsch, English, Spanish, French, French *,Hebrew *, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Suomi, Svenska, Turkish, Ukrainian, Kittina, * ,,,,

* Arabic and Hebrew are supported in a Middle East version with full support for right-to-left language, Arabic / Hebrew functions and English interface; Also in the French version of North Africa (Francais *) with full language support on the left, Arabic / Hebrew features and French interface.

For more software handbooks Win-Mac, do not forgetto visit them

Software version: 2018.

Language: multilingual

Platform: x86 / x64


Meeting Writer / Packaging: KpoJIuK

Medicine: Improve everything

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows, or Windows 10

Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor (2 GHz or faster)

RAM 2 GB (recommended 8 GB)

Free 2GB of hard disk space to install the 32-bit version; GB free disk space to install the 64-bit version; Additional free space is necessarythe installation (unattended on removable storage devices based on flash memory)

Monitor with 1024×768 resolution (recommended 1280×800), 16-bit color video memory support and 512 MB (recommended 1GB) *

OpenGL support system

Meeting features:

Type: Setting

Languages: often, russian

Treatment: implementation

Additional installation options:

1. Set up in two clicks, just connect the internet connection (or use a firewall)

. 2. The application of the Cloud cloud means thatThere is no garbage in the system – the required minimum

3. The program runs faster – the master painter of the painter

4 is used. Each place in the package has been changed to the settings in the program

5. The original installer is used, there should be no problems with other products

6. After selecting the configuration folder (folder), you will see the inaccuracy of the road inaccuracy. Click “Edit” and enter the required path. Please note, because the special nature of the officialinstaller, Adobe Photoshop CC 2018, will be added to the selected route. In most cases, it is therefore worth choosing C: Program Files.

Take note! After you install on the installer’s first page, you are prompted to change the browser’s homepage. Do not forget to erase the checkmark

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AS SSD Benchmark Habibi FastDL torrent download


AS SSD Benchmark

A free utility program a computer or a probationary report to PM SSD performance conditions robust consumer device driver. Separate trials of synthetic tool, no fewer than six three versions tested. These works is how well the driving condition of the sound, which allows you to perform any necessary actions required for that event.

OverviewSicut SSD benchmark

Angang uncultured test software determines the sequence and reading / writing any solid performance and stabilitysaw stimulation. Preferably, it is used in the test without operating system’s cache of the picture is so accurate that they can emerge. For example, the test IMG ‘plan how long it takes to write a 1GB file size is software that etlegit day. And again, ‘4k test’ of the reading and writing performance can not be measured with the memory blocks in the memory napilio 4 months. Another test data from 4KB read and beyond what is written, when they are distributed into 64 yards. These tests representSpring Festival Control (ncq) driving a strong condition, among other things such as the difference between the IDE mode – ubiCCQ support – and AHCI mode of action.

As interface SSD Benchmark

There is a technical piece of software and hardware that naGinagamit the doctors, the MP probationary SSD is the largest. This allows you to turn more easily understood something that may prove to compare one to another driver. At the end of the series of three tests to read the values ​​of performance and the status of the firm is moving posuit.Inthe other hand, the pressing force in the event of, in that causes the form graphically put captains in them. For example, in the graph, can be determined by means of the compression of the given axis, which makes it easier to read. Duplication test, which can be accessed from the Menu probationary Toolkit, the number of test results of the folder is created. The computer is still in cache exam to get a true reading. If more than one device to show probatin the performance of devices and simultaneously writing to the different conditions. Another option is a compression testshowing good health information is provided compressionang driver and the driver expressed as a function. A user interface notable absence, except to remove possible that some users in Germany. Having said that, I will not have, another justificarimunera and linguistic screens and has been appointed by a wise man keepeth Fannius has said, that it is altogether done with the help of which people do not know.


This technique is very useful for computer outage utilityna than trying to diagnose problems. For example, health, and, it helps if the accused does not add to the working of the work is a blow ye with the fact that an element to be a part of a exactorisslow or a personal computer.

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JPEG to PDF download torrent



We often hear about the system that can convert PDF files to a very manageable variety, such as TXT or Word. However, it is also intended to convert JPEG files into PDF format. This may be a good idea if we hope to make a presentation to create a professional online magazine or even make a greeting card for friends and family.

Free,Simple and effective

Unlike other packages that should pay for this application, the JPEG PDF software is gone. Just megabytes, it can be installed on a system that does not have enough memory. Another bonus feature is that you do not want readersPDF from the third party to work effectively. Just select the file from your computer, select the desired location in the page, and click the “Change” option. It can not be easier.

Number of supported image formats

JPEGWith the PDP, it is also quite flexible on other images that it can work with. It can process PNG and BMP GIF formats along with standard JPEG files. This will give you more chances.

JPEG to PDF is supported in the following formats


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VAG COM 409 Windows 7/8 torrent download



The software works with Windows 7 Ultimate x86 tested, and if you follow the instructions below. It can also work with other versions of Windows, but to actually prove it.

If you are having trouble processing a bit x64 software ymaArgraffiad look at this link:

Install instructions:

1. Open “VAG-COM”

2. Change to the destination folder “100: VAG-COM”. Do not install “program files”

3. The setting, press the button “VAG-COM 409-1,” your desktop to a folder in the “VAG-COM”.llwythwr ‘;

4 using “” will lead to the application.

Do not close the window launcher (black) until using App. App launcher allow it to be put into practice. If you open the app without a launcher, and that app is not registered you can not use all the features.

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Need for Speed Rivals Download Free Torrent


Need for Speed Rivals

The need for Rivals Speed ​​offers action-packed street battle for players. Players travel through the streets of Redview County fiction as fast progress or law enforcement, enabling players to change between sides of the law, climb the career and unlock new cars and technical toys.

Action racing on two screens

In Need for Speed ​​Speed ​​there are only two types of racialists: hunters and hunters. On both sides of the law, players can make a good career.

Racing racingwho do not care, compete in illegal street races, keep a match against the watch or escape from the police patrol. Every time you play, you can challenge other drivers for the race in the open game world. This also applies to other human players in public sessions or swastaras between friends. Need for fast online and offline flow is smooth.

The rider will fall!

reward the game in Need for Speed ​​Rivals takes the form of Speed ​​Points (SP). The longer you stay, howThe higher the multiplier and the more points you earn. If you can not get your eyes on time with safety, you can lose it well.

If you lose the race you will return with empty hands. The same happens if you abandon yourself by the police or if the vehicle is destroyed. If you are losing human player, winner gets points. Therefore, players should carefully consider whether they want a race to get a high inflation or whether it is better to get their eyes.

New vehicles can be closed by ridersa rising vehicle with the number of races won. The car will then be purchased with Speed ​​Points. The same thing must be used to adjust the engine to improve road management or accentuate streaking, racing cat or sticker.

The police took a sweepram

Police hunting riders in the Need for Speed ​​Rivals are not dangerous. They also have access to navy watches. Unlike riders, they did not buy a new car. They are available as soon as requireddegree is achieved. However, these cars can not be set.

The Police won the Rewards through a successful venture. Alternatively, aim at the target clockwise and not be allowed to hit the roadway or other vehicle’s ramps. Tydstraf.

Hunters and hunters rely on technology

To combat street criminals effectively, agents have pinstrips, jammers, roadblocks and helicopters. The rider’s reaction to this is a series of spectators, or they can attack Theturboand leave the police in the dust. There is a limitation on both sides: you need a buy-technical toy vehicle and you can not fit more than two at a time. During race for speed participants, equipment is strengthened and arms expanded to other tools.

Second screen

With the free application, you can follow the Need for Speed ​​Rivals card on iPhone, iPod or iPad, set waypoints, viewers, and challenges in the race. Or you can start with the mini-challenge of the smaller game. In spite of allThese good things lose the second scoring points due to significant delays in loading.

Good control in Arcade style

In terms of management, Need for Rivals Speed ​​needs only minor changes compared to Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit. The Racer Arcade places more emphasis on fun than realism simulation. Tires shout when you hit the corners of the floats and the parking brakes are used to get the required swing on the sides.

If necessary, you can do anything with a board of management keys, but you need theDefault Primary Task Change. It’s better to play the Need for Speed ​​Rivals with the gamepad, but that shows the smooth steering motion more moresmoothly.

Artificial guides are at least in the first phase of the game, quite relaxed and let players catch up (even after some accidents). Rather, experienced virtual drivers can not be captured quickly.

Great graphic and live music, but multiplayerdie uncomfortable

Visually, the necessity for Klinkspoed is definitely notreleased. The cars went straight out of bright flyers – so they were involved in a collision. The injury model shows a lot of damage to the body. However, some efforts are needed to permanently destroy the vehicle.

Landscapes are also well presented. Redview County offers a good mix of mountain, city, forest and desert areas. rain, fall ice and leaves, as well as day and night changes, offer a wide range of footage.

The need for Speed ​​Rivals music and strong sound effectsare two excellent details. Professional voice artists are responsible for good dialogue.

Less convincing, however, is the performance of an online server. Delay leads to a game jump on other vehicles’ vehicles, sometimes they are from nowhere and cattle on the runway.

Conclusion: Impact people!

Need for Speed ​​competitor looks like two previous versions (Pursuit Hot and Most Wanted 2). Some say it’s a bit boring – but it’s not true. Compressing its competitivenessthe game for the essence of exciting race action, good arcade management, perfect graphics and funky soundtrack.

This is an excellent online system that obscures the difference between online need and Speed ​​Rivals’ online content and requirements in multiplayer games, on the contrary, to ensure that good image gets a little affected and the player’s desire to to gather a more powerful server.

Personally, I still want to see the challenge between friends, like in Burnout Paradise- it will be a perfect game.

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