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Tulip Fever 2017

The artist fell in love with a married woman when she was assigned to paint her portrait in the 17th century tulips Amsterdam mania. In the 17th century, Amsterdam, the Sofia orphan girl (Alicia Vikander) forcibly married a wealthy and powerful trader Cornelis Sandvoort (ChristophUolts) – The “Location” of the shock that saves her from poverty. After the portrait portrays a man, he began a passionate relationship with Jan van Losom (DaneDehan), a struggling young artist.Trying to escape is always approaching trade arrest, the chaos of all the chaos and the incredible tulips market in the basketball, hoping for the right ball to get rich and buy his freedom.

Tulip Fever in the 17th century in Amsterdam and follows a married woman who begins a passionate relationship by hiring an artist to paint her portrait at the top of the tulip mania. Like playing gambling in a bulb market that is fast ball as a way toCollect money to run together.

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